Eye to eye

Eye to eye

Zeus and Ganymede stood for many things.
We tell the myth in full, look at its meanings,
and enjoy the art.

Von Gloeden Exhibit

Von Gloeden Exhibit

Von Gloeden’s classical scenes
have earned him a reputation as one of
the founding fathers of gay photography.

Herold kidnaps Ganymede

Herold kidnaps Ganymede

See this and many other modern
art works by Rick Herold for show and for sale,
part of our new collection of contemporary art.

Young men in poses . . .

Young men in poses . . .

. . . subtly homoerotic to pass Victorian muster, such as this Spinario by Gustav Eberlein,
were all the rage in the late 1800s.

Love poems . . .

Love poems . . .

. . . from Gibraltar to the Bay of Bengal, 
usually sang of handsome youths.
Rest a moment, traveler, and read a few.

Chinese love-play

Chinese love-play

“South wind” was the Ming Dynasty
euphemism for male love.
The art
is a lot more direct.

Not handicapped . . .

Not handicapped . . .

. . . by anti-sex religious dogma,
the Japanese developed a sophisticated
culture of male homoerotic art.

The Barberini Faun . . .

The Barberini Faun . . .

. . . was NOT sculpted by Mr. Barberini.
Visit our Roman sculpture garden
for more examples of ancient gay art.

Gay Greek ceramics

Gay Greek ceramics

More than one thousand vases depicting homosexual themes have survived since the heyday of Greek culture. Visit our collection.

The Baron of Taormina

The Baron of Taormina

Von Gloeden’s pictures fascinated the Victorians, who may have been less uptight
then us today. Judge for yourself.

Wine, women and song?!

Wine, women and song?!

Not so fast! Male love inspired Arab, Persian and Mughal poets, painters, and kings like Shah Abbas I of Persia, here embracing his wine boy.

IN THE NEWS,[gayart_current_date]

Don't "COME OUT" until you read this!

What does it mean to be gay? What does it mean to be straight? We lean this way or that, but do we really investigate what lies behind those labels? Andrew Calimach did.

Read his recent article titled Speaking Ill of the Dead: How the moderns pinned anal sex on the Greeks. Then ask yourself if you are truly liberated.
phim tam ly phim tinh cam phim hanh dong

Putting Gay History in its Place

History is written by the victors. They choose what will be remembered, and what covered up. So it has been with male eros. Looking at any history textbook, one would think that never has a society praised love between men, never has a painter, a poet or a pope shared his bed and his heart with another male. Evidence of same-sex love has been either quietly suppressed, as with the ancient Greeks and Romans, and modern figures of all kinds, or quickly destroyed, as is still done with newly unearthed Inca and Mayan art. The result of this fraud has been a needless polarization of society and suffering for those people who happen to fall in love with others of their own sex.

Uncensored, the historical record reveals just the opposite: the male love instinct is universal. Death of Hyakinthos, Jean Broc, oil on canvas, 1801,  Musée des Beaux-Arts,Only society’s attitude towards it has varied. Most cultures have regulated male love, integrating it by means of customs and traditions. Only a few have tried to deny it, repress it, and cover it up.

Normally, male love is part of the social fabric. From the city states of ancient Greece, and Rome with its emperors (Trajan and Hadrian among others), to the Siberian shamans and Native American two-spirit medicine men, from African kings and tribesmen to Chinese emperors and scholars, people the world over understood and made space for men’s sensitivity to the beauty of other males. They recognized that – married or not – men fell in love with men or youths, dreamt about them, wrote about them, fought over them, and took them to bed. And they usually understood that boy children were excluded from the game of sex, to the same degree that they understood that girl children were excluded as well.

In Ancient Greece love between males was styled along the same lines as the marriage customs. Grown men sought teenage lovers, just as they married teenage wives. The main difference was that the “gay marriage” could only take place with the beloved’s consent, while the girl was told by her father whom to marry and had to obey. The customs and ethics of male love were encoded in Greek mythology. Muhammad Qasim 1627 - Wine Pourer - Illuminated miniature of Shah Abbas I (1571-1629) of Persia, embracing his wine boy - Louvre, ParisMale love was a cornerstone of the culture that created theater, philosophy, mathematics, history, and other arts and sciences. Democracy was another invention of the Greeks, and the two men they honored for its introduction were Harmodios and Aristogiton, a gay couple. Love between males was thought to bring out the best qualities in a youth AND in his lover, especially manliness and courage. In warfare soldiers often fought side-by-side with their grown beloveds, as in the renowned Theban band; later, led by Alexander the Great and his boyfriend Hephaestion, the Greeks conquered the known world. Greece, of course, was no Utopia: prostitution, often attended by slavery, was common, and parallel to the ethical culture in which young beloveds were treated with consideration and moderation, there ran an undercurrent seen by the Greeks as debauched, in which young citizens were paid for sex and subjected to practices seen as degrading, such as oral and anal penetration.

In Japan, apprentice Samurai paired up with older warriors to be trained in love and war, and all the shoguns slept with pages called “kosho,” their “nanshoku” loves recorded by writers and shunga painters who immortalized “shudo,” the Way of the Young. They likewise immortalized the hard lives of the “tobiko” or fly boys, traveling young kabuki actors who had to labor on stage by day and please their clients in bed by night.

In the Moslem lands, famous Iranian and Arab poets such as Hafiz i-Shirazi and Abu Nuwas praised and rued the charms of boys (whom they plied Miyakawa Choshun (1682-1753) - The Go Game - Individual panel from an shunga painting of silk done at the end of the eighteenth century, reprinted in The Love of Samurai, A Thousand Years of Japanese Homosexuality by Tsuneo Watanabe and Jun'ichi Iwatawith wine and seduced). Sufi holy men from India to Turkey sought to find Allah by gazing upon the beauty of beardless youths. Storytellers included gay love tales in the Thousand and One Nights. Artists like Riza i-Abbasi amused kings and princes with exquisitely wrought erotic Persian miniatures and calligraphies. Mullahs and censors railed against male love, but men of all walks of life, from Caliphs to porters, delighted in it and all looked forward to being attended by fresh-faced tellaks (masseurs) in the hamam, and “unaging ghilman (youths) as beautiful as pearls” in paradise.

In North America and Siberia, shamanic traditions dating back to the stone age recognized the special spiritual powers of those men and women drawn to same-sex love, as we still see in the Native American two-spirit tradition, which survives to this day.

In the pre-modern west, male love survived mostly underground, visible only when the lovers were unlucky enough to get caught, or when hinted at by artists brave enough to flout convention. Many writers, musicians, painters and poets depicted male love, but always in coded form:

Michelangelo, who adorned the Sistine Chapel with vibrant male nudes; Shakespeare, who serenaded his darling boy in his sonnets; Blake who railed against priests “binding with briars my joys and desires;” Whitman, who sang the body electric, Proust, Baden-Powell, Tchaikovsky, Britten, Auden, Isherwood. . . The list of luminaries, artists, statesmen, men of the cloth, knights and knaves who felt the pull of male love – by itself, or alongside the love of women – is endless – and we only know a fraction of them, for most covered their traces too well and will forever remain hidden.

The big lie that same-sex love is “against nature,” a fiction which flies in the face of both Domenico Cresti (called Passignano) 1560-1638 - Bathers at San Niccolo - Private collection.biology and history, depends on ignorance and censorship for its survival. The World History of Male Love, gleaning the work of scholars in gay studies, aims to undo that censorship by publicizing gay love’s role in man’s spirit and culture: its successes, its failures, and the controversies it has given rise to over the millennia. We hope the prose and poetry, religion and mythology, art, philosophy and history collected here from around the world will serve to deepen understanding of male love’s place in human nature. It could also illuminate the growing debate about gay marriage, a tradition documented the world over for thousands of years, but nowhere as widely or as recently as in North America, where it was practiced and honored by many of the First Nations.

The documents gathered here are testimony to the power of love. Where forbidden, it has prevailed over stonings, burnings, lobotomies, schoolyard homophobia, the gallows and the gaol. Where openly welcomed, it has blossomed into the highest achievements of the human mind. It is past time every school child knew of these things.

One time, during a workshops at a gay youth conference, a young man piped up from the back of the room, exclaiming “No one told us Hercules was gay!” Let’s hope that in coming years students will not have to wait until they are in their twenties to make that discovery.

  • Anonymous

    A late development – Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, has introduced a bill to require the California school system to teach students about historical GLBT personages, and the GLBT equal rights movement. “Our collective silence on this issue perpetuates negative stereotypes of LGBT people and leads to increased bullying of young people,” he said. “We can’t simultaneously tell youth that it’s OK to be yourself and live an honest, open life when we aren’t even teaching students about historical LGBT figures or the LGBT equal rights movement,” says Leno. Thank you senator, and do not forget the Greek gods and heroes.

  • Paul

    Many heterosexual women and their cuckolded men are terrified at the mere mention
    of males being in successful relationships together. This because when a man is gay,
    the woman’s method of control, (sex), is rendered void and he is able to realize his
    full potential manhood without effect of constant head-games played by females.

    Heterosexual males fear it because they secretly envy real men who are able to live
    a fine, rewarding life WITHOUT females. Male relationships question the weak hetero
    male dependency upon the oft-tyrannical “tit and tang”, so the vast majority of men
    with secret, lifelong desires for affection and intimacy from one of their own gender
    must carefully hide them behind ridiculous words and acts of faked “homophobia”.

    A much-beloved partner traveled 148 countries as a backpacker 10 years, living &
    working alongside common people. He confirms that: “around the world 9 out of 10
    males are either homosexual or bisexual, but resist to the death admitting it”. This
    need for male intimacy transcends “sex”. Its a primal desire of the human spirit to
    deeply identify with its own “gender twin”.

  • alex

    This is such an ignorant comment. Theres’s homophobia and then there’s this which is very much in the same sphere. If you – or the people who ‘liked’ the comment – fail to see this, then you have bigger issues.

  • Calimach

    Paul may be a tad misogynistic (which is gratuitous and harmful) and a tad over the top vis-a-vis males wanting to be in relationships with other males, but I do not think he misses the mark by much. Fear is the order of the day when it comes to one male showing affection for another, and the homoerotic drive is truly universal, and universally repressed because of that fear.

  • Calimach

    The Brits are getting ready to celebrate LGBT History Month! The good news is that the plan is to include throughout the curriculum and in all age groups mentions and examples of GLBT presence. The bad news is that head-in-the-sand elements in education and politics continue to attack such educational efforts, asserting that teachers should stick to their topics and lay off gender issues. But of course that is impossible, since heterosexual examples abound, from historical references to married individuals, to fictional personages in mathematical problems. Gender is everywhere in education, and those who rail against the intentional inclusion of LGBT information are really militating for continuing the campaign of exclusive heterosexual indoctrination to which our children are subjected.

    [24 hours later] It appears that the fray continues. According to a current BBC piece a Tory MP, after criticism from the public, has removed a blog post attacking the educational campaign. His intention was not “to be homophobic,” he claimed in response, but to point out that “young children should not be taught a subject they simply would not understand.” Has he forgotten that it was only a couple of generations ago that English public schools were being denounced as “hotbeds of inversion”?

  • Calvin10111

    thanks ;]
    nice to know we have a history
    but i dont ever think it will be imbraced

  • pontypool1

    I’m gay – whilst I’m sexually attracted to men, I observe the behaviour of both Women & Men.
    Sometimes, in my view, nether sex, can “see” what they are, potentially, “doing wrong” – in the “eyes of the opposite sex”…. Sometimes, as a “busy body” – even as a Stranger, I go where “angels fear to tread” – I say “what I see”. In the hope that, eventually, both the man & woman “in question” do meet up and have a loving relationship… Yeah, most of the time, I’d fancy the man… BUT it’s not “just about me” – if there’s a chance for him and a woman to be happy together – I don’t simply Ignore It, I try to “work behind the scenes” or be Direct with them both… yeah – I “get my fingers burnt sometimes” (it goes with the “territory”)

    Whilst I don’t 100% agree with Paul’s comments & approach, he, nethertheless, “hits the nail on the head” in particular areas…. Obviously, and Thankfully, Women vary in their interpersonal interactions…

    In my experience, yes, some women, alas, do like to “play mind games”. It’s difficult to cope with, sometimes, I recognise that potential “nature” within women – but sometimes, I do protest and “call them to account”… … It’s not a criticism of women per se, but an observation. Respectfully, Women, by their “very nature”, need to assess the “potential” of men to be a loving & supporting partner, a potential Father…. Men have “tunnel vision” – they don’t see what’s going on around them, sometimes, they lack the ability to recognise emotion & lack the ability to express emotion themselves…..

    I really do admire a Woman’s ability to, honestly, engage in conversation, whilst, at the same time, observe & keep alert of , other people – their behaviour, “body language”, eye contact, etc…

    What I don’t like about some aspects of some women, is “bitchyness”. What I don’t like about some aspects of some men is their “aggresiveness” – especially after alcohol, their simplistic assumption that their “view of the world” is automatically “right”/correct…

    If you haven’t fallen asleep or “got bored to death”, my comments are “Vast Generalisations” – obviously, we all, thankfully, differ from “that”….

    Comments, Criticisms, Observations, Experiences from your OWN LIVES, would be GR8 to receive….

    Cheers….. :)

  • Michelle

    Heterosexual women and their cuckolded men? I think it’s the other way around: if you have enough interest in history to peruse a website about gay history, then I’m surprised you haven’t learned that male infidelity has been condoned by society whereas the same behavior in women has been chastised. On second thought, it seems that you buy into this system because you use a derogatory term for men whose wives have sex with other men (even though their own husbands don’t want to fuck them, since they’re all really gay) but you encourage all men to leave their wives for other men.

    Secondly, I agree with you that 9 out of 10 men aren’t straight. Every man that I have dated (and I’m female, in case you hadn’t guessed) has guiltily revealed that at one time or another he has slept with men. My female friends have had much the same experience. No, we didn’t try to get them to repress this in order to keep them completely under our thumbs. Contrary to your beliefs women aren’t all evil psychobitches. While it was easy (well maybe not easy, but at least possible with a great deal of courage and support) for me to acknowledge my own bisexuality, come out, and date women just as I date men, they found it impossible to have any more than occasional casual sex with men, for which they always felt guilty. This phenomenon is very common and very sad, and I find it deeply offensive both as a bisexual myself and as a woman that you believe that I and women in general cause it in an attempt to win some sort of petty power struggle with men.

    I don’t know what history books you’ve been reading, but all the ones that I’ve read seem to indicate that the vast majority of societies have been patriarchal for at least the past few thousand years. Men have had complete and total power over women, not the other way around. Even today men make 30% more money than women, hold far more executive positions and government offices, and aren’t responsible for childcare. What more power do you want? I suppose that you could put us all in concentration camps or exile us all and only meet with us briefly to reproduce. Would that make you happy? I presume that by “head games” and “tit and tang” you mean nagging. Well, if you had little to no economic independence from your partner, a bunch of kids to take care of, and no education, which has been the case for most women throughout history, I’ll bet you’d be reduced to nagging too.

    I don’t know what women you’ve been dating, or if you’ve even dated any, but most of us have sex because we really enjoy it, not because we must maintain our demonstrably nonexistant power over men. Yeah, there are some assholes out there who do, but they are a minority, and a minority that includes just as many men as women.

    Spirits have gender? I’m used to hearing crap from from religious people, but I haven’t heard something like this since I learned about those Morman girls who wear burlap underwear. So you’ve never seen a spirit, but you’re sure yours has a great big old Y chromosome? I know that same sex relationships can be great in a way that heterosexual relationships can’t because you haven’t been told from the time you were a small child exactly how to feel and act in the context of a homosexual relationship, but can we please leave the supernatural out of this? Gender is in my pants, not my heart or my “spirit.”

    Seriously though, I know it can be really easy to blame the opposite gender for the heterocentricity of society. On any lesbian-themed forum you’ll find rants almost identical to yours, but the objects of their authors’ ire are men. And who can blame you or them for that matter? When I see a cute girl with some loser of a boyfriend it’s difficult to refrain from blaming him for the social expectations that make dating her easy for him and next to impossible for me. The reality of the matter is that the Church and other similar organizations have maintained power over society by making people feel guilty for their basic human instincts. Since almost everybody is at least a little bit queer, homophobia is an incredibly effective means of oppression. Most people are too busy trying to keep themselves from feeling lust, greed, jealousy, or queer/kinky/nonmonogamous urges to question the institutions that oppress them.

    Lastly, while I agree that most men are bisexuals, perhaps even bisexuals with a preference for men, I would have a great deal of trouble believing that they are supposed to be “WITHOUT WOMEN.” First of all, the only evolutionary advantage to complete homosexuality would be that if it is carried on a recessive gene (let’s assume, just for the sake of argument, that it’s a monogenic trait, which I highly doubt) and it confers some unrelated advantage on the generations in which the dominant heterosexual or bisexual allele is present. If ninety percent of the male population is gay, this obviously wouldn’t work. Bisexuality, on the other hand, has evolutionary advantages that would make it a logical norm for human males: a man may advance himself socially by sleeping with higher status males, which would then give him better access to potential female mates. Provided that he did not shun women altogether, he would have a much better chance of reproducing than his straight counterpart, who would have to obtain the mating privileges associated with high social status by means of platonic (in the modern, not the traditional sense) friendship alone. So most men are naturally attracted to both men and women. By trying to force them into an exclusively homosexual paradigm, you’re being just as bad as a homophobe.

  • Erwin

    That’s the fact of Gay Love. Homosexuality is a gift, one of most wonderful gift for the world from the Lord…

    I’m really thankful and proud to have this gift….


  • Erwin

    Thank God I’m Gay… I believe that I will also bless the world and glorify God’s name throughout my Gay life…

    I plan someday, I will release a historical book of successful Gay people from the past until present that have contributed their talents, thoughts, and works to the world, and I hope that my book will share the magnificence of Gay life to many-many people, and even share God love to many…

  • Anonymous

    Refreshing to hear a female voice in this stuffy men’s club.

    Your comments are pretty much right on. I will just add two thoughts. First, I think Paul is alluding to neuroses typical of women. Not that men do not have their own, they certainly do, but they tend to be different from those of women.

    And to point out another inequality, I have always been envious of the social space that western women have carved out for themselves. They can be intimate with one another and still be considered “normal” to a far greater degree than men. They can hold hands, sit on each other’s lap, kiss, and so on. You have to go to an eastern country to see anything like that between men.

  • http://biggerpenisinfo.net Julianfoster6

    I don’t see why you let yourself get so worked up Michelle. It’s up to the individual to decide how to lead his or her life.Too many people try to blame others if the world isn’t exactly as they would like it to be.

  • Alkham

    Brilliant article young males need to know the truth about male to male love and celebrate its history

  • Michelle

    Allow me to explain.  Expressing disgust at bigotry, what you call “getting worked up” exposes it for what it is and ultimately helps to create a more accepting society.  Of course, many people would prefer to wallow in complacency, and that’s their choice.  Nonetheless, I always marvel at how many take pride in their apathy.  Last time I checked, expressing disapproval of someone’s opinions does not infringe on his freedom to lead his life as he chooses.  Who do you suppose is to blame for misogyny if not the misogynists? Believe it or not, I’m pretty sure that other humans (not an old white guy with a beard who lives in the sky, not fate or whatever else you are implying I should blame) are responsible for creating and perpetuating genocide, rape, homophobia and the other reasons why the world “isn’t exactly as [I] would like it to be.”  I’m sure glad the queens at Stonewall didn’t share your convictions.  Hell, if people were as reluctant to speak out against injustice as you imply they they ought to be, I doubt I’d have ANY rights.            

  • Irfavin

     Being Gay Is not a crime or a disease ,its just A feeling which leads the desire to be lived off

  • Envit

    Thank you for bringing hope through truth! Thank you!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AKBMKS3LI54B3PXOPYJ2GCVJWM First NamePutt

    I would imagine the emphasis to be placed on gay history in the classroom would be focused on the contributions made to the development of societies by gays, and not so much the romantic side of it. However, it would be a welcome initiative to include some aspects of famous gay love stories, so as to show to students that homosexuality is not just about sex, but indeed pure, unselfish love in the strongest and sincerest form. 

  • Zephyria

    You know, if the Eastern society is already profligated…just not that obvious in public, or talk profusely about it…they do consider their social morality and values which post great significance in their culture…and Easterners dont really teem each other’s lives down….at least not to an extreme end…homosexuality was a taboo but they were not persecuted that gratingly for it, so homosexuals here arent that radicle about their identity, which of course serves as the whetstone of generic metrosexuality in uh, Japan maybe? Easterners are more stern on discipline and ethics i guess…(correct me if i’m wrong i’m just 14). just compare it with the Westerners who experience catharsis after catharsis from the pressure and deterrence sternly used to discipline those crude plebeians in the horrible past…but resulted badly coz it basically  nurtured censoriousness and and hypocrisy in the society…  
     i think if everyone is entitled to their individual preferences, then there’s nothing wrong with being who you are but controlling it and perhaps let it subdue inside if its not your choice and you want to cut loose from all these forms of lust and temptations…i’m just wondering why ‘most’ bisexuals seem to think that indulging in their heedless and defiling passions are totally fine, and get on a soapbox bout it…the fact is i’m Malaysian and i’m pomosexual(maybe a closeted bisexual), and i can guarantee you Westerners that it will be indesputably fine to live without funding your sexual desire every-bloody-day……no offence though…i really enjoy the Quixotic and Amaranthine Romance of the Bitten Peach though…but here in the East, homosexuality is largely fancied by the opposite sex, as if all of them are girlfags and guydykes and some extreme heterosexuality and also a small doze of metrosexuality in men but only to an adequate extend…without exhibiting much lust, just pure romance….i just love gay men and this fecundity…

  • Zephyria

    You know, the Eastern society is already profligated…just dont express it in public, or talk profusely about it…they do consider their social morality and values which post great significance in their culture…and Easterners dont really teem each other’s lives down….at least not to an extreme end…homosexuality was a taboo but they were not persecuted that gratingly for it, so homosexuals here arent that radicle about their identity, which of course serves as the whetstone of generic metrosexuality in uh, Japan maybe? Easterners are more stern on discipline and ethics i guess…(correct me if i’m wrong i’m just 14). just compare it with the Westerners who experience catharsis after catharsis from the pressure and deterrence sternly used to discipline those crude plebeians in the horrible past…but resulted badly coz it basically nurtured censoriousness and and hypocrisy in the society…   i think if everyone is entitled to their individual preferences, then there’s nothing wrong with being who you are but controlling it and perhaps let it subdue inside if its not your choice and you want to cut loose from all these forms of lust and temptations…i’m just wondering why ‘most’ bisexuals seem to think that indulging in their heedless and defiling passions are totally fine, and they’d often get on a soapbox bout it…the fact is i’m Malaysian and i’m pomosexual, and i can guarantee you Westerners that it will be indesputably fine to live without funding your sexual desire every-bloody-day……no offence though…i really enjoy the Quixotic and Amaranthine Romance of the Bitten Peach though…but here in the East, homosexuality is largely fancied by the opposite sex, as if all of them are girlfags and guydykes and some extreme heterosexuals and also a small doze of metrosexual men but only to an adequate extend…without exhibiting much lust, just pure romance(the pomosexuality)….i just love gay men and this fecundity…that’s all.

  • Anonymous

    You know what makes you think that 9 out of 10 men are bisexual?
    It is only because you had sex with bisexual/gay men. Thank you for generalizing all men around. 
    I don’t want to make comment on homosexual people. I am straight and am married to a straight man for many years. The problem with homosexual is that they perceive the world through their eyes. 
    Keep up your disgusting work and turn this world into a dirty place.  

  • Guest

    “ Every man that I have dated (and I’m female, in case you hadn’t guessed) has guiltily revealed that at one time or another he has slept with men”

    Then you’re dating gay / bi men, who are at most 2-3% of the population. IOW, you’re putting out “fag-hag” vibes and thats what you’re attracting.

  • http://www.wix.com/juliusmanapul/julius-poncelet-manapul-art#!about Julius

    I like this site! thank God! as a teen I was treathed to be expeled in a catholic high school for being out and gay, and gone through gut renching fear of other jocks wanting to kill me after school.  But luckily I opened my eyes and ignored my suiccidal tendancies. Fight back because i wanted to survive.   To know and understand that there is a reason why I need to survive and fight for who I am.  Thanks for this enlighting article.

    Best Wishes to all!!! 

  • David Anning

    Of cource, the hatred of Gay people comes down to the familiar and basic responses of ignorant people.
    Jealosy, envy, fear and the instinct to attack anything different.
    Pure heterosexual males are the most basic form of human life. They do not have the intellictual capacity to visualize anybody different from themselves and instinctively react with anger and violence at anything different to themselves.
    I should know, as a gay man, I have been attacked three times by groups of heterosexal males, (always in groups), for doing nothing but minding my own business.
    I don’t look gay, I don’t act gay, I don’t offend anyone. I became a target in my own country, Australia, because I was observed leaving a Gay hotel bar.
    Five “Courageous” red blooded, Hetero male Footballers first abused me..you probably don’t know the routine unless you are gay;  ”Fuckin’ Faggot!!”, “Poofter”, “Cock sucker!” etc.
    When I ignored them and continued walking, they hit me from behind and proceeded to punch, kick and jump on my head with steel capped boots.
    I was alone and sure I was going to die.
    Fortunately two gay friends of mine came to my rescue. The Hetero. “Heroes” fled the scene. The police were called, but when they realized it was only a Poofter who was bashed, they left too without even trying to find my attackers.
    I spent three months in hospital with cranial damage, a broken shoulder, two crushed vertibrae, internal bleeding and five teeth knocked out.
    Apart from the cost of the hospital and operations, the pain I still with me five years later.
    The good old “Red Blooded Heterosexual male” attackers were never found. In fact the police made it clear to me that they had other, more important priorities. And they even went to the extent to re-write their incident report of that Saturday night to show that nobody had even contacted the police for assistance!!
    As a result, the money I had saved from ten years work went to pay medical bills; (as a healthy man of 30 I didn’t think I needed Private health Insurance); I lost my job because i couldn’t attend work for three months and also because my employer discovered I was gay, they quickly found a good heterosexual man to fill my place.
    So now I firmly believe that heterosexuals are evil. my only friends are Homosexual. They are kind, conciderate and do no harm to anybody.
    They are also far more intelligent, interesting and fun loving than the average heterosexual.
    Maybe that is why the prehistoric heterosexuals are so jealous.
    I don’t know. What do you think?
    David Anning,
    Queensland, Australia.

  • Bulgakov

    Homosexuality is nothing much to be excited over – the same attitude should be applied to both relationships between men AND women.  IMPARTIALITY, people. Though it may be hard for some of you *ahem ahem* less mature. 

    Nevertheless, a word for all: 

    “It is quite sapiens to be homo”

    Can you guess who wrote this?

  • Kal

    ” Let’s hope that what they will teach is the history of love, and not the history of politics. ” – I agree with you. Anyway that’s a great step, to teach anything about gay history obligatory. In many states in US and in Europe, even inside the EU we are far from this step. You can find and read a brief summary about the status of gay rhigts in central and eastern Europe in the kaleidoscope.blog.hu website.

  • Colin

    Wow all these big words…I will say this in layman’s terms..WTF gay or straight who cares we are  all human beings who should be treated equal..Regardless if we like a penis or a vagina….I’m a heterosexual male who has gay friends and straight friends….

  • B_husky

    Bang on,,,women are lucky in that they can be intimate with each other and it is okay. I like to be intimate with men sometimes and I am a “queer.”

  • Hypergryph

    why is everybody hating on each other.
    1.) i’m bisexual/ preference for men
    2.) i know straght people, and i know some homophobes.
     what i don’t know is why any of it matters to anyone else, as to whether someone likes you or not. oh, and before christianity and some of the other montheistic religions came up, the world was mainly matriarchal.
    3.) are you two married due to common law marriage, or what? this is the first time i have heard of it and was just wondering.

  • jhr459

    I am truly sorry for what happened to you. It is a tragedy that some people have such hatred in their hearts; but I have to believe that they are the minority. My partner and I have a number of straight friends and acquaintances and I know they do not harbor these feelings. I do understand your anger, but try not to let it blind you to the majority of people that don’t care who we love. Best wishes and good luck to you.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2VVHGFY6INZQ5SX4HLNUF4NSIE Stanley J

    wouldnt it be wonderful if they gave  a war, that the soldiers all threw down their weapons, went to the other side………………

    And made love with the enemy troops.   Oh sure, they’d have to kill some of their officers but the net would be the almost end of organized mass murder called war.

    which in general btw are supported by the conservatives.  The same ones who talk about protecting life.  hypocrites etc

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2VVHGFY6INZQ5SX4HLNUF4NSIE Stanley J

    nd to hell with the catholic church – of Adolph hitler btw Born and baptised catholic in very catholic austria in 1888.

    He has yet to be EXcommunicated by his church which claims to support life.

    For them to EXcomm him would be to admit they were responsible for his hatred of the Jews.  A hatred they had for a thousand years  because the Jews wouldnt convert – even on pain of death.

    a few interesting websites………….http://nobeliefs.com/nazis.htm


    http://alamoministries.com/content/english/Antichrist/nazigallery/photogallery.html    more pictures of Nazis and high catholic
    officials collaborating.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2VVHGFY6INZQ5SX4HLNUF4NSIE Stanley J

    Sometimes I think that the best birth control measure of all is to have gay sex.  the world is running out of natural resources, even potable water.

    If 75% of thepoeple were gay, we’d be on a downward course to a sustainable population.  Eg  Canada has 30 million, the USA  glutton has 300 mil.

    of course the catholic church opposes birth control.  They want more minds to corrupt and control.

    Just about identical to hitler, who opposed abortion and birth control.  More soldiers for the wehrmacht.

    BTW while he threw the gays into the ovens  with the Jews, he saved the lesbians – to use as breeders.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2VVHGFY6INZQ5SX4HLNUF4NSIE Stanley J

    Alan turing was a gay english mathematician who cracked the enigma codes the germans used on their machines to send messages to subs.

    without him, we might have lost WWII to the catholic nazi leader.

    His reward in a homophobic society was to be chemically castrated after the war.  He ended up committing suicide in 1952

    The people who caused that situation should have been brought before the Nuremburg tribunal and ultimately hanged.   Of course it was the vatican monstrosity and some of their sibling churches. they hatched

  • Nick Greco

    your anti-Catholic rant just reeks of your own love for humanity, all 1.2 billion Catholics world wide are terrible people and thank God you are here to exercise
    your (Jewish?) altruism and set the record straight.

    Perhaps you have overlooked Rabbi David Dalins Book, ‘THE MYTH OF HITLERS POPE”,
    a monument that flies in the face of an assinine ideology that idiot, zenophobic
    morons such as yourself continually promulgate against the Catholic Church
    as far as Catholic and Jew relations are concerned.

    Or perhaps you never heard of Issac Abrabndell, a wealthy Jewish merchant who,
    in 1492, led a delegation of (wealthy) Jewish merchants (Jews who broke European
    Catholic law by practicing usury and literally enslaved their “employees and
    others endebted to them) to the Spanish Crown asking to buy their way into
    remaining in Spain, a country that had endowed thousands of Jews a life of
    prosperity .
    Queen Isabella the Catholic refused his proposal, she wanted them out of her
    in his own country after the Catholic/Lutheran split.
    Germany was the first European country to grant Jews the right to own land
    and they, in turn, literally enslaved Christians through, again, usury and
    inhumanworking conditions.

    In a letter to the King of Poland written by Pope Benedict XIV during the 1700′s
    the religious leader urges the Monarchy to have their subjects distance
    themselves from Jews and their employment (Jews had also done well for
    themselves in Poland, they were, then too, the money-changers of society)
    and relates examples of cruelty at the hands of Jewish employers against
    CHRISTIANS (Yes, Christians, the “bad” people) among other European

    These are just a few of the facts that highlight Jewish and Christian relations
    over the centuries that JEWS CHOSE TO LIVE IN EUROPE RATHER THAN

    Jews live alongside their Christian counterparts here in this predominantly
    CHRISTIAN COUNTRY and do just fine.
    It is you, however , that seems to have a problem with Catholics.

    As a Catholic myself I will tell you, if it is a man that you want
    in your bed and are angry that
    the Catholic hierarchy denounces your desire,






  • Guest

    in more extreme cases, there is a new form of post modernism sexuality which is engendered not long ago and it’s percolating in our society which is closely intertwined with the sprouting popularity of Yaoi. all hail the girlfags and guydykes!! do you actually think these two forms of pomosexuality are  embraced on a different plateau as auxiliary or appendant sexual identities or they can be embraced per se as a sexual orientation?

  • jayne

    we see things from profoundly different perspectives…..while most gay or bi men are exceedingly meek and amiable, there’s still a number of them who are homosexual as a product of their hatred and preconceived enmity towards the opposite sex or other sexual orientations..you should know that a person who is devoid of the power to forgive would be devoid of the power to love. exercise your awareness on how good and evil are salient entities to establish a mundane society…i do sympathise for your tribulations and hardship in battling against haters and parsimonious pharisees. nevertheless. i will not flout your capacity to forgive them and DO NOT HATE HETEROSEXUALS! i know this vendetta may be hard to resolve. and for your information hun, based on the nature of the human mind to organise and catagorise different things as either good or evil without adequate understanding for proper discernment between the two qualities, we heterosexuals, who are still human, may have latent tendencies of rebuking or loathing people of your kind. but it gets better as we aquire more about the nature of your sexuality. we learn to justify it for ouselves, accept, acknowledge it as part of nature’s creation…as a byproduct of an established norm. and you’ve gotta remember that if the entire population of heterosexuals is annihilated, homosexuality wouldnt be so tempting to indulge in(i’m refering to the entertainment industry). but,  just when thay are aptly prepared to reorientate their emotions which seemed to have gravitated towards an explosion of repressed anger and hostility, and i do believe that they regret putting you through that tirade, you declare antipathy towards the changed heterosexual community…there is no way a gay person can get bashed nowadays and it’s normally the gay people who fulminate the heterosexuals as to ’not having the guts to flex our sexual orientation’…the damage is done and i can’t dispute it’s severity, but we’ve also sufffered from the comebacks and tasted your vengence…so can we just like, start over again to eschew other ramifications of this retaliation. nowadays straight people can choose to be gay anyway, so why cant the gays choose to be straoght? is it because homosexuality offers 20% more pleasure than the ‘average’ heterosexual relationships? c’mon, people are flickering radically towards the homosexual side. many of my friends, born hetero, ‘choose’ to explore further into homosexuality and uncage the tendency wihtin themselves just for decadence’s sake. it’s their choice to elsleve themselves to this lewd passion but who am i to judge them for this is an informed choice and their homosexuality is nurtured. people persecute homosexuality not because of it’s nature, but rather for it’s culture…the debauchery and the indiscriminate activities which majority of you engage in…you may say that i’m such a prude for detesting and sanctioning that kind of behaviour but can you say for certain that it should be fully endorsed? if people respect each other’s rights more genuinely, things like this wouldnt be an issue. we now respect and acknowledge your right to be gay and we know, based on scientific discoveries, that homosexuality is natural and we completely assent to that. so why cant you respect our right to be a little nasty to the gays IF we are unapprised and unexposed to it? just blame it on our ignorance and apprehension towards  differences which is in human nature..and we do try to amliorate things but first you have gotta give us time to do so. please to rememberthat we are not choosing like that although bisexuality is inborn in every human being. it depends on how much focus you put on either or both sexualites to boost them and the nurture you get which shapes your sexual identity…  this redemption shold justify the harm done to the innocent gays. i apologise for anything i said which may infringe on your rights but do trust me that the intention was never there. on that i rest my case. ~peace~

  • Xsen

    why does it matter? Why should it be debated? Why should others judge and tell us personally what we can and cannot do? If i want a dick in my rear i want that, no amount of anyone preaching that im going against nature or god is going to change my opinion, i for one don’t believe in god as it is, so yeah. i find it terrible that still we can’t express our true selves without someone coming along and getting bent out of shape for something that in no way affects them. Why the hell should i not be happy because you don’t agree with me?

  • http://profiles.google.com/dancolliergay Dan Collier

    Wonderful article. As a gay man who didn’t acknowledge my homosexuality to myself until I was 35, and didn’t begin my coming out journey until I was 43, reading pieces such as this give me hope that young men with same-sex attraction will not be buried for so many miserable years in the abyss we call the closet. This site is a remarkable resource.

  • vee

    It isn’t accepted for women to be intimate with other women in many cultures.  You wouldn’t believe what kind of crap my partner and I get because we’re together and in a relationship.  The kind of crap we got in high school.  The kind of crap we get for wanting equal rights.  

    We live in America.  The land of the free.

  • Jeff K

    Those who attacked you are not “pure heterosexuals” — if there is such a thing. They attacked you because you represented something in themselves they found threatening. Those most aggressive in their homophobia are the ones who most feel they have something to prove — to their buddies and to themselves. Their “heterosexuality” is corrupted by their unresolved homosexual potential. It frightens them. They take it out on you. (This applies as much to the cops who dismissed your suffering as to the thugs who inflicted it.)

    It’s understandable that you want to protect yourself from people who you think are represented by your attackers. I think though, that it will be important for your long-term healing to find heterosexually-identified friends who are open-minded, loving and respectful of who you are. There really are such people. The most open-minded, though genuinely preferring the opposite sex, have explored same-sex possibilities and aren’t ashamed of it. They are also not afraid of or ashamed of loving same-sex friends (as friends and sometimes even as more). You will be surprised. There are more such people than you would imagine.

  • Jeff K

    It is not just “our” history; it is an essential part of human history — and it is being embraced, by some older people and by a lot of younger people. Global culture is in great flux: a spirit of open-mindedness and understanding is growing and the closed-minded are desperately trying to stop it. I fear we are not finished with the ugliness, but, as Martin Luther King noted, “the arc of history is long, but it bends toward justice.”

    (By “it” I mean the history of same-sex need and same-sex love as essential aspects of HUMAN experience, not just that of a ghetoized minority called “gays.” One day, we will no longer need that designation.)

  • Jeff K

    He doesn’t intend for his homophobia to be homophobic. He just wants to point out that young children should not be taught a subject we simply don’t want them to understand.

  • Jeff K

    You know a lot of sophisticated words for a 14 year old. Keep reading and thinking and learning and you’ll figure out how to use those words in meaningful and appropriate ways. In the mean time, why not just say what you think with more, may I say, pedestrian terms?

  • Jeff K

    I don’t think that Michelle is putting out “fag-hag” vibes. I think she’s reporting what very many others are discovering: that a homosexual potential is part of our humanness; that everyone has an essential need to be loved by persons of the same sex as well as by persons of the opposite sex; that we each experience these universal needs in our own, individual ways; and that the capacity to sexualize these needs, regardless of one’s ultimate preference, is built in to our human (indeed our mammalian) nature–even if, for many of us, one part or another of that potential gets squelched out of our consciousness and experience as we develop.

    The vast majority of the pre-industrial societies about which we have any knowledge have revealed patterns of bisexuality with varying degrees of acceptance and normalization. Those who argue that we, as a species, are fundamentally bisexual (like our closest evolutionary relatives, chimps and bonobos) have much evidence to support the assertion. We at least have the innate potential for both responses, however we may actualize or not actualize either potential.

  • Jeff K

    This is the most intelligently articulated reflection on the question of gender in society that I’ve read in a very long time. Thank you for taking the time to write it.

  • m.

    Actually, Kinsey surveys show that only 5-10% of the people can be considerated heterosexual or homosexual, so the 80-90% of the people are bisexual and only a 5% don’t have any preference. 

  • m.

    Well, I’m really sorry for you but I don’t think heterosexual are evil, you had a really bad experience but they’re not all like this. In fact, the “straight males” who hit gays are usually gays and don’t accept it. I’m not straight, I’m bisexual, but the most of my friends and family are heterosexual and I’m absolutely sure they would never do something like this. Another thing, I don’t think the inteligent have to do with that.. I know a lot of straight smart people and some silly gay and, of course, the oposite too. 

  • Guest

    I spotted a small typing error on the label for one work of art:

    “Jean Delville, Plato’s Academy, 1818″

    The actual year was 1898.

  • Nick Greco

    I’d hate to get into an argument with you!
    You’ve knocked me off my feet. I will continue thinking about
    what you’ve written long after I log off the computer.
    Truly thought provoking, honest and well written.
    I was hooked from your first sentence, and wish I would
    encounter women such as yourself in my walk of life.
    Well done … and be WELL.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001798060584 Bruno Faustino

    Since she  said that most men are bisexuals, maybe she´s afraid that her husband may leave her for a man. Typical heterosexual jealousy and hatred of homosexuals for not being dependent on women, etc, etc… Marriage IS an important part of the society, all of which interests the economic and religious powers. Through marriage one is subject to them all, inevitably. Of course, as much as this may true and necessary for society, still there´s a place for everyone under the sun. There´s no need for everyone to marry and have kids. There are enough already. So, repressing gays only shows the true nature of this ideology: fear, jealousy and mediocrity. And what religion has imposed on homosexuals, celibacy, is not freedom either. That´s incarceration. Gays have the same rights as heterosexuals: the right to pleasure, the right to love, the right to happiness. We´re no more, but we´re no less than anyone either. So yeah, up with Humanism. Down with religious prejudice and heterosexual dictatorship. Their fear has always been unjustified, and brought nothing but pain and misery. We´re all humans.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001798060584 Bruno Faustino

    That is true. As the world population increases, so does the percentage of gay people in the world.  Nature, as a whole, ultimately knows best, isn´t that what they say?
    Nature is wise, and provides us with the tools, but the human being is like that passage of a Nag Hammadian text:  ”It is I who am God”, to which Wisdom replied: ”You are mistaken, Samael,” (that is, ‘blind god’)”.

    Thus, like someone said here, it is quite sapiens to be homo :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001798060584 Bruno Faustino

    Even if it´s true that deep down inside, men and women are  in fact homosexual, still the imposition of rules such as marriage or heterosexism doesn´t make it any better. The end doesn´t justify the means and vice-versa. Responsiblity towards the society comes only from knowledge, which comes from personal freedom and finding our place in it. The rest is only harm and inhumanity, which, like I said, serves only the minority in power, who control the majority for their own benefit. 


    Wow, the things people have to say. All I can say is that it “”SHOULD”" have nothing to do with straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, none of it should matter!!! If every person stopped and shut up for just a slit second and opened their eyes, and saw a person not for male or female, gay or whatever but just as a PERSON, a person with feelings, compassion, a person who needs to be loved as much as they need to love, a person who needs to be respected as much as they respect others for choices we, as INDIVIDUALS should have the choice to make, then there wouldn’t be any problems. But who does that? Very few people. Why? For some reason the majority of this world can not get past what is inside the box to see all the space outside the box. But Whatever you people keep posting  all your complaints and accusations of eachother and what is that helping? nothing. So I am just going to go about my research paper in hopes that maybe if one person may read it, they might change from the normal inside the box person to someone who sees outside the box. FYI. I am not gay i am not straight. I am a woman who fell in love with an amazing PERSON who just so happened to be male. BUT the people inside the box categorize that has heterosexual. To me it is just simply loving someone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001798060584 Bruno Faustino

    It doesn´t matter, and it does. How many times gay guys fall for straight guys? A lot. So, should sexual orientation matter, or not? To gays who fall for straight it doesn´t matter, but the opposite is not true. You are correct when you say that love is love, but it´s not that simple. Sexual orientation and attraction does matter, nothing can change that, for the good, or the bad. It´s a delicate issue, and we´re debating it here, and contributing with our views and experience. To preach that love should be simply love, and that we´re not helping anything here is like pretending that sex should be like the gender of angels, which btw cannot be talked about because they have none.  Thanks anyway!

  • Anonymous

    I’m very sorry that this happened to you. I can understand how something like this could make you fear and dislike heterosexuals.

    That doesn’t make you right. A good (male) friend of mine was raped by two men. Should I conclude that all gay men are rapists? Of course not. That would be ridiculous, and so is your opinion of heterosexuals. I hope you can come to terms with it eventually.

  • TiraSpark

     Tell that to the vast number of women who get gay bashed, physically and sexually assaulted, and treated like complete crap for being gay. Yeah, straight girls can be affectionate with women as long as it’s for their straight male friends to get off on (and simultaneously cause emotional pain and invalidation to queer women), but if they only want to date men, they get just as much shit – just different shit – as gay men. Even just in that we are women, we have so much shit on our plate as well. Coming from a queer woman who has dealt with this shit even in Toronto, it’s not ‘easy’ and women aren’t ‘lucky’.

  • Daniel

    I’ve been on the violent end of gay-haters,but what alot of the haters don’t realise is that gays can be martial artists & boxers too,to make you feel a little better,I put them all in hospital & the cops did nothing to me about it.in saying that,not every straight guy is a homophobe,I’ve had straight guy friends stick up for me all throught my school years.

  • Zarastar123

    If Homosexuality was not mean’t to be, why does ‘the show go on’ why are not all the homosexuals dead? Why is there gay pride? Why are there straight people who support it?(As i group myself there) Why hasn’t the builder of such bodies smited them all down? For those spared to learn from their ‘wrong’? Why are there holocaust suvivores? Why do african americans have the same rights as everyone else? Why are women not viewed as sexistsly as years ago? WHY? Maybe because there is no “mean’t to be” There IS and always BEEN homosexuality, bisexuality, asexuality. Just as there always WILL BE. Because the world is not the view of the minority, the majority, or the one egotist. The view of the world is in all our faces, whether we deny it, twist it to our advantage or just SEE IT, is our OWN BURDEN AND NOBODY ELES.

  • Peter Kelly

    If this was not the creation of the homosexual beast god would not exist but it does so it is not a bent gene its a choosing the truth man loves man.

  • Peter Kelly

    She ransoms her sex making gay sex the best sex a man can get & don’t we know it

  • chimi

     hmm then why does the area of the rectum and prostate get so stimulated when penetrated? why does it feel so good to be in an other guy?

  • Pat K.

    My thoughts exactly. I usually try to be polite but as a man I’m deeply offended by Paul’s comments and it just goes to show that some of the most hypocritical and hateful people are some of the most oppressed.

  • Topnanu


  • Topnanu

     even in african tradition there more evedent in the walls and stones painted describing these. some most great leaders and wariors deprived their strength from fuckin each other

  • Mspence3

    A very intelligent and thoughtful rebuke.  And, your conclusive last sentence is straight-on (no pun intended). The problem is we always try to define behavior and in these characterizations we loose sight of the fact that human nature gives us an attractions toward other humans regardless of gender.  Whether or not a sexual element emerges within that framework is really a independent phenomenon.  Still, the homophobe denies any “feelings” toward the same sex, while the strict homosexual rummages in denial in search of a rationale when none is needed.  So, all we achieve from this effort to define attraction is fuel for what becomes our human neurosis.

  • GG

    where? what stones and walls…im interested.

  • menrdefective genes

    Wow.. male on male love (male on male playing in feces) its not of natural order just like the seasons , winter spring summer fall… jus like night and day, you breathe in and out.,. thats the natural order of life. Male on young male is about control and manipulation oh and by the way there is no procreating in two men or two women you can romanticise it it was wrong then and wrong now. Gays and lesbians dont talk of ALL the many compications their body goes thru(rectal prolaps) or how sick they stay constantly or how being able to make it to the bathroom without leaking I could go on and on…. this is why the world is self destructing.. cleansing itself

  • menrdefective genes

    what a gift, as you have surgery to fix your sphinctor muscles or have to take more antibiotics for yet another infection…

  • kym5808

    America the land of the free ….RUBBISH.

  • Night Shadow

    No, it´s simply a phase in adolescence. Daydreaming. Homosexualty is a real thing.

  • Night Shadow

    Men really become agressive after alcohol (also from my experience), but the fault lies in one´s ideas. Alcohol just enhances it. That shouldn´t be excuse to prohibit alcohol, also because I love drinking! :)
    P.S. Remember what happen when it was prohibited in the U.S.

  • Night Shadow

    “I am a woman who fell in love with an amazing PERSON who just so happened to be male” – that´s called heterosexual orientation, STRAIGHT.

  • mony
  • mony
  • mony
  • mony
  • mony
  • laszlo

    Re Greeks and the “Greek Way” of anal sex. Indeed they did not normally use their male lovers — especially the young ones — for anal sex. They did the intercrurial way — rubbing between the thighs. BUT they used prostitutes anally for several rasons. One was that the vaginas had become too loose due to overuse and childbearing. The other was to avoid pregnancy. Anal sex between men was not nonexistent, but it was not the automatic way either.

  • Bogdan

    your are all disgusting. The God has burnt 2 towns Sodom and Homorra because of gays You all will go to hell. Ukraine is against gays!!!!!

  • momo

    “deprived”? ha.

  • Donielle

    I think the problem with this article is the focus on youths. I dont care who has sex with whom as long as they are consenting adults. I am a woman, who believes in monogamy, regardless of what type of relationship it is. I am very affectionate with everyone i love, and often am cuddled up to my female best friend. I appreciate the beauty of female breasts. I do not want to have sex with a woman, nor anyone else other than my fiancé. But i defend the right to choose as an adult, extendibg to polygamists.

  • ProudLiberal

    Its not nice to just start a mp3 file

  • Anon

    This is not true.

  • Jen

    I’m a straight middle aged woman. My seventh grade music teacher told our class Tchaikovsky attempted suicide because he was gay. That sentence long comment from Mr. Pearlman shocked me. Until that point in time I hadn’t considered what bigotry and fear of persecution gay and lesbian people suffer through. I can’t understand why homosexuality has ever been condemned, I never could as a kid, and I still don’t get it. LGBT people make our world far more interesting than it would be without them, not to mention that love is always a positive force, the configuration it comes in is a neutral detail. I’m ashamed of my fellow hetero bigots, and I will NOT befriend, work for, or tolerate the company of a homophobe or anti-anythingbutheterosexuality kind of person. I just can’t get over it, and I never will, the senselessness of it all.

  • Beverley Davis

    you are arguing with a gay man….science and history of their abuse of women in general means nothing to him. He would just as soon restart the fires of Germany where thousands of women were burned alive…along with little girls to save the men than admit that we are any value. This real man hates you and me and that is all there is to it/

  • Beverley Davis

    conservatives do tend to support the troops even the gay ones. Sadly it is liberal gays who don’t support the straight troops.

  • Beverley Davis

    seems like biology is the only reason any man would want to be a woman…if I get your and the other gay comments correct. then how is it straight men are able to love us?

  • Beverley Davis

    Hitler was raised by an atheist father and had nothing but contempt for the church. He also used a gay man to establish his NAZI party but then to placate Goring had him murdered. And the head of the SS was Germanic pagan and he was in reality the most feared man in Germany.

  • Beverley Davis

    I can understand your hatred…i’ve studied world history and fear gay men because of it. Every time Greece or Rome are mentioned, I am reminded of the brutal treatment of women by these enlightened men. How two gay brothers in the Catholic church burned women and babies alive for being female…of a Turkish khan who forbid women from leaving their homes unless accompanied by a man…once a week….how he took male children because they were attractive and raped them. And my thoughts were formed when Phil Donahue allowed two gay men to brutalize a woman until she shut down completely. I would never hurt a gay man but I do not trust you to not hurt me.

  • Beverley Davis

    don’t forget head of the dreaded SS was pagan.

  • Alice

    It seems to be a phenomenon more recent than my dating experience which began in the early sixties. Not only were the men I met interested only in women; but, women mostly preferred men. Gay, lesbian or straight, it seems no one today is monogamous.

  • Phillip Cooper

    Figures. A beautiful story of gay male empowerment, and bitter bitches come in to wreck it. Thanks for basically proving everyone”s point, you miserable harridans.

  • Maman Seo

    tnq so much gay-art-history , information that is very valuable to me ! good luck and verygood website دانلود فيلتر شکن

  • nom som

    I would Love to see African Gay Art and History

  • nom som

    I would Love to see African Gay Art and History

  • Anonymous

    How can you validate a premise that blames women for homophobia? Probably more so homophobia is a direct consequence of misogyny and, therefore, sole blame of the heterosexual male. the other argument is just pseudo-empiricist about “some guy” who “claims” that “9 out of 10″ men are attracted to males but repress it. I call bullshit on this.

  • Dylan Caldwell-Tuttle

    ” i do believe that they regret putting you through that tirade, you
    declare antipathy towards the changed heterosexual community…there is
    no way a gay person can get bashed nowadays and it’s normally the gay
    people who fulminate the heterosexuals…”
    there are some things that people say that are so baffling, incorrect, callous, and pusillanimous that there is no other way to react to them other than laughing with shock and astonishment. i live in Portland OR, USA which is by all standards a liberal haven and i have personally been harassed, taunted, and had people try to beat me up only because im gay consistently, the last time was just two weeks ago, while riding my bike a group of adolescent males came out of nowhere screaming “we’re going to kill you, faggot!” and trying to chase me down. i know a LOT of gay people spanning the spectrum: bisexual, lesbian, transgender, pansexual, asexual, men who identify as gay but are celibate because they are practicing Catholics… i even have a friend who has been in a long-term gay relationship with the ghost of Vaslav Nijinsky (i dont judge him, it seems to make him happy and the experience seems much healthier FOR HIM than many of his prior relationships have been,) and i can tell you that the only commonality that seems to unite a group of such diverse people is that each deal with some form of harassment, ranging from passive aggressive coworkers to stories exactly like David’s attack story, on a constant basis. Are popular opinions slowly changing and becoming more inclusive? sure. but for every person who takes their head out of their ass there are three people who become more irate that things are changing and feel it is their responsibility to punish gay people for changing peoples minds. i personally have known three people who were killed because of gay bashings. i have had two of my exes commit suicide in the last three years because of adversity for being gay. sodomy in consenting adult gay relationships wasn’t decriminalized nationally in the US until 2012, and there are still forty countries in the world where gay people can still be LEGALLY PUT TO DEATH for no other reason than because they engage in consentual gay sex. the reason things are changing is not because people have grown wiser and more compassionate overall, all it takes is reading many of the comments on this page to realize that, but things are slowly changing because, though the scales in society are currently tipped so in favor of heteronormativism, legislators can no longer ignore the blatant civil rights abuses that are being committed against gay people. That is just how civil rights movements work, and just like with women’s rights or African American’s rights, just because a law is passed granting them the same rights and protections as every American should, that doesn’t mean that racism or sexism magically disappear from society. Simmilarly, just because politicians are forced to recognize that current law is in violation of gay people’s civil rights and change them accordingly, or because Will and Grace is among shows in the fall line-up, or because a people are forced to acknowledge that stereotyping gay people as having no value for monogamy and then denying them the right to a state sanctioned designation of marriage for their monogamous relationships is a ridiculous hypocrisy infringing on their rights, it does not mean that confrontations like gay bashings magically go away and in fact for a time it makes them worse. i live my life here in America with a constant running acceptance that at any moment and with absolutely no provocation on my part whatsoever i may have to defend my life against people who want me dead because i’m gay. how do i know that, because i have had to deal with it my whole life… often. i hope that no one else ever has to live in that kind of fear, and thankfully the people who cant be reasoned with will eventually die off and younger generations will be more tolerant, but don’t for a second labor under the delusion that laws are changing because society is becoming more tolerant because the opposite is true: things have become so bad in our country that the sheer number of incidents are forcing change. even still because i am a person who insists on being treated with respect, i acknowlege that i am bound by the social contract to respect all others, even (and especially) the ones who hate me and want me dead. honestly, i can live quite peacefully with people who simply WANT me dead and i frankly couldn’t care less, it is only when people actually try to kill me that i really have a problem, and i think that is a rational reaction. i try to be open minded even to people who hate me because i was raised in a very conservitive, religious household where i was taught to fear “the gay agenda” and from my earliest years my mom took me to protest abortion clinics and gay pride rallies. i remember being 6 years old at an event organized by Lon Mabon the OCA (Oregon Citizens Allience, the group responsible for putting together every anti-gay ballot measure in Oregon sense the 80s) protesting a gay rights rally while wearing a t shirt that said “Abort Bob Packwood” and holding a sign my mom had made that said “Save the Gerbals: Stop Gay Rights!” i later found out my mother’s anti-gay activism was fueled by anxiety i might turn out gay. It would seem god (if god exists) is not without a sense of humor. i honestly beleive that the only real killer in a (supposedly) free-speech society is silence, so when i go to a gay pride parade, now as a proud gay man, and i see the inevitable “God hates fags” protesters i realize that could easily still be me and i have compassion for them, so instead of getting angry and yelling at them and telling them they are wrong, i simply walk up to them, offer to shake their hand or give them a hug if they will let me, and i tell them, “You know, i completely disagree with what you are saying, but i want you to know that i would honestly fight and die to defend your right to say it!” That is how i feel about peoples posts on this page, i may disagree completely but i will never say i have the one right way to think or that anyone needs to change their mind on my account. i wouldn’t dream of it. Only you know what is right for you, as i know what is right for me. Life has taught me that the people i value most should be the ones who challenge and disagree with me, and i them, because that’s how ideas are spread. For all of our tribulations, i am proud to say that today both of my parents are my best friends because i was blessed with parents who ended up choosing their son over their ideology. The moment in my life i am most proud of happened about 5 years ago when i was 26, after coming out at 15 and being thrown out of the house, then around the time of an OCA Measure banning gay teachers or any openly gay students, having my mom go on Fox news saying my high school was a gay recruitment camp, attracting the attention of the Westborro Baptist Church who then came to Oregon to protest my then former high school in Newberg OR, and not speaking to her for all the rest of high school and several years after, after a lot of work and therapy and talks in earnest respect of one another, my mother told me one night, “Dylan I’m glad you turned out gay, an individual, and an artist because in the end i feel it has made me a better person.” Hearing that changed my life, because let me tell you: if SHE can become more open minded, then ANYONE can!

  • Steampunk Laboratory

    Intercom Trust banned iconic C19th/20th Cornwall gay artist Henry Scott Tuke RA RWS http://www.gayhistorycornwall.com/#!2009-intercom-v-henry-scott-tuke/czl3 from all inclusion in Southwest UK LGBT history over which they have a bit of a dogmatic strangle hold. In response I’ve done this:-

    Cornwall LGBT History Gay Art Sculpture Project 2016


    It features sculptures I have created of other historic persons reputed to have had same-sex relationships which Intercom Trust would also ban from LGBT history.


  • Neil Phelps

    Hitler was baptised a Roman Catholic, and was an altar-boy in his local Roman Catholic church until well into his teens ! “What’s bred in the bone . . . . .”

  • Paulo08 Martins

    King David knew that. He said to his friend Jonatan: “Your love to me was wonderful, surpassing the love of women”.

  • Paulo08 Martins

    Almost all societies accept more female bisexualism than male bisexualism.

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    You exaggerate a bit!

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