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If you have studied and thought about same-sex love, or even if you have only loved, we would like to invite you to share your thoughts and experiences with us and with our many readers on this blog.

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  • Ashk Ruhani

    Yes, and thanks.

    Ashk Ruhani

  • Ramosgarciaisaias

    1.- dont worry about my english, i am fluent in that language.
    As you kindly ask to share thoughts/experiences in homosexual love i will tell you a bit of my own life. i have been fully in love 2ce, & 2ce more i could have been, were the rise of those tender feelings not crushed down by the dissapointment of those who were begining to be the object of my adoration. I will tell a bit of the 2 1st, becouse in them i passed through the whole proccess of falling in love: the strange sensation in the stomach, the absentmindness, the state of blessedness, the many tears, especially in the 2nd, the lack of apetite/the excess of it, the perception of being apart from reality, in a special world. The 1st time i fell in love for a german guy, Joachim Standke -this is why i also speak this language-, he was a lawyer, 36 then, from Gütersloh, a town of about 100.000 hab. not far from Düsseldorf. It was a shock for me, for months i felt terribly ill, even pron to die. Then the fever passed, but the remembrance stayed in my heart for years. I still havent forgotten that experience (how could i?). We got to comunicate again some years ago; he got interested in me & how was i doing & called me periodically. Maybe if i saw him, physically, all that old proccess would have been restarted, maybe not.
    The 2nd was for a very handsome guy of 40, Hernan Avila Romero, from Granada, descending from a very illustrous family, whose lineage was started by Hernan Cortez, the conqueror of Mexico, married with 2 children & yes!, living a double life & hiding 1 of them to the other & the publich 1 from the secret. I saw im 2ce at 1st, then 1ce a week, for 6 months, then the fever in both of us faded away, 1st in him, who then tried to go on seeing me just for lust, ,but i was not blind, i held the reins of my feelings as much as i could. After a summer of absence he appeared in october, i still had a strong connection to him, but he got n.t. from me in sexual terms, then a year passed. Then he visited me, n.t. remained then from the fiercful passion that consumed our hearts, especially mine. I told him clearly that, if what he wanted was to have sex with me, he could go out & never come back, & revealed that just as he was trying to use me, i also made my efforts to use him. Some years ago i saw him on the street, alone, & greeted me & asked how was i doing. I got to know that he had passed through a depression. the reason, neither he told me nor did i ask him. That was all. Both were crushes, but suffering from the whole proccess of falling in love.
    Later i have been with a guy, having rendez-vous mostly 1ce a week, for a year & a half. I love him, but i never felt in love with him. Then he went back to U.S.A., his mother country, & we kept in touch for 6 years, till he came back to Spain & we re-started our relationship. He is now in the States again, his mother fell very ill & he wanted to be with her, case she would pass away. He has been denied the residence allowance in Spain & is making proceedings to be able to stay here. He is the closest i have to a husband, is my best friend, i trust him & love him very dearly. He is already 63, but still very good-looking.
    This is, very resumed, the story of my heart. Hope you have enjoyed it. Thank you for your attention.

  • LiveProDOMME

    Guys, experience submission with BDSM girls, who are live now on – ..

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