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Rick Herold

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Herold  began his art career at Academie Julian in Paris, later studying Religious Church Art at Benedictine Monastic University.  He received his MFA from Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles, where he was awarded a full scholarship.

Upon graduation, Herold received commissions from Bob Hope to do the Stations of the Cross for a Cleveland church, and worked with Millard Sheets doing architectural art.  But Herold soon became disillusioned with organized religion and turned to painting erotic nudes.

His first one-man show at the Feigen-Palmer Gallery in LA was a huge success, and he has since exhibited at numerous galleries and museums in LA, San Francisco and New York, including Molly Barnes Gallery, Orlando Gallery, Zara Gallery, Downey Museum of Art, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the Gallery of Erotic Art.

Herold’s self-developed technique is highly original, and as Thomas Albright of the San Francisco Chronicle writes, his work is “painted in enamel on the underside of Plexiglas in highly stylized patterns of decorative color areas and flowing sensuous lines....” “For decades L.A. artist Rick Herold has proven a master of style,” writes the LA Times.

Herold has traveled all over the world, collecting indigenous art for his private collection.  He currently lives in North County, San Diego with his life partner.

Herold's Technique

The process is called reverse painting, and is done on clear heavy gauge vinyl. The paint medium used is outdoor sign-painter's enamel, which bonds with the vinyl to become one inert, permanent and durable surface. the painting is not coated, the surface is the vinyl itself.

The first step in the execution of the painting is the drawing or cartoon on paper. Clear vinyl is then placed over the drawing on a table top. The painting process is done in layers, with drying time between each layer. The entire painting takes about one week to complete. Once completed, the vinyl is turned over, revealing the side that the viewer sees. The final step is the stretching and mounting of the painting.

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