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Homosexual Traditions

     Sub-Saharan Africa
     Classical Greece page2
     Renaissance Italy
     Native America

Gay History and Mythology

     Myths and Folktales
          Greek Myths
               The Many Loves of Hercules
               Hercules and Hylas
               Zeus and Ganymede
               Poseidon and Pelops
               Apollo and Hyacinth
               Apollo and Cyparissus
               Pan and Daphnis
               Narcissus and Echo
               Orpheus and Eurydice
               Achilles and Patroclus
               Laius and Chrysippus
          Arabian Folktales
               The Youth and his Tutor
               Abu Nuwas and the Three Youths
               The First Poem of Abu Nuwas
               Abu Nuwas and the Wily Young Man
               Abu Nuwas, on Meeting an Old Friend
               Abu Nuwas Respects his Wifely Duties
               Wine of Paradise
               Short Bio of Abu Nuwas
          Chinese Folktales
               Viscount Mizi Xia and the Bitten Peach
               The Chief Scoundrel of the Eastern District
          Japanese Folktales
               Kojiki, Records of Ancient Matters
                          Yamato-Takeru Slays the Kumaso Brothers

     The Eternal Debate
          The Eternal Debate in Classical Times
          The Debate Between the Learned Woman and the Sage
          The Misguided Search for Homoeroticism
          Different Desires (Erotes)

          Abu Nuwas
               Wa-Khaiymati Naturin
               Wine of Paradise
               A Boy is Worth More than a Girl
               In the Bath-house
               The True Jihad
          Hafiz i-Shirazi
          Omar Khayyam
          Muhammad al-Nawaji bin Hasan
          Michelangelo Buonarroti
          William Shakespeare
          Christian Friedrich Henrici
          William Blake
          Lord Byron
          Walt Whitman
          Oscar Wilde
          Fernando Pessoa
          Reverend E. E. Bradford
          Allen Ginsberg

          Harmodius and Aristogiton
          Famous Greeks
          J.S. Bach
          Monsieur and Liselotte
          The Zeus and Ganymede Myth: A Conflict in Greek Religion
               Ephorus on the Cretans
               Zeus and Ganymede - Archaic Greek Version
               Zeus and Ganymede - Hellenistic Version

          Alexander the Great
          Emperor Hadrian
          Abu Nuwas
          Muhammad al-Nawaji bin Hasan
          Johann Joachim Winkelmann
          Stefan George

          Bamboo Clappers Strike the Hateful Number
          The Tale of Tales, or The Prick's Tale

     Queer Studies
          On the Evolution and Cross-Cultural Variation in Male Homosexuality
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               Page 2
               Page 3
               Page 4
               Page 5
          The Exquisite Corpse of Ganymede: Ancient Gender Studies
               Page 1
               Page 2
               Page 3
               Page 4
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Homoerotic Art

     Greek Hall
          The Symposium
               North Wall
               South Wall
          More Syposium
               Entertainers at the Symposium
               Symposium with hetaerae
               Wine boy
               Party Scene [1]
               Party Scene [2]
          Gods and Heroes
               Zeus courting Ganymede
               Zeus abducting Ganymede
               Achilles bandaging Patroklos
               Zeus accosting Ganymede
               Pan and Daphnis
               Zeus and Ganymede
          Historical Figures
               Harmodius and Aristogiton
               The Lyre
               Love Gift
               The Cock
          Love of the Young
               At the Palestra
               The Kiss
          Making Love
               Men at work
               Odd man out
               Zephyros and Hyacinth               Passion

     Roman Hall
          Etruscan Times
               Tomb of the Bulls
               Erotic games
               Ficoroni cist - Hercules with Hylas
          Mythological Motifs [1]
               Hercules and Iolaos
               Achilles and Chiron
               Zeus and Ganymede
               Zeus kissing Ganymede
          Mythological Motifs [2]
               Pan and Daphnis
               Zeus and Ganymede
               Apollo Ephebos
               Satyr and youth
          Late Erotic Works
               The Warren Cup
               Lovers Cameo

     European Hall
          Gallery One
          Renaissance Scenes
               Bathers at San Niccolo
               Two men kissing
               The Incarnate Angel
               Apollo and Marsyas
               The Flute Lesson
               Two young men
          Northern Europe
               The Punsihment of Sodomites
               The Rape of Ganymede
               The Death of Orpheus
               Glad Day
          Divine Rouge - Cellini Sculptures
               Ganymede caressing Zeus
               Apollo and Hyacinth               Narcissus
          The Coded Message
               Ganymede and the Eagle
               Ascent of Ganymede
               Ascent of Ganymede [2]
               Ganymede riding the Eagle
               Jupiter kissing Ganymede
               Cupid interceding with Zeus for Psyche
          The Eternal Youth
               Apollo and Hyacinth               
                   Death of Hyacinth
                  Apollo and Hyacinth[2]
               Apollo, Hyacinthand Cyparissus singing and playing
               Apllo and Cyparissus
          Other Ancient Examples
               Socratic Love
               Narcissus [2]
               Rural Dalliance
               Orestes and Pylades
               Rustic Pleasures
          Gallery Two
          19th Century France
               The Little Fisherman
               Golden Slumbers
               The Snake Charmer
               Arc de Triomphe
          Classical Themes
               Endymion Asleep
               The Education of Achilles
               Socrates and Agathodaemon
               Anacreon and Cupid
               Plato's Academy
               Odes of Anacreon
          Enlightenment Erotica
               Caught in the Garden
               A Sweet Little Arse
               My Dear, How Wild You Are
               Stroll Through the Park
               In the Drawing Room
               Eight is not Enough
               Bunny Hop
          Caravaggio [1]
               St. John the Baptist
               Wignacourt and Page
               Boy Bitten by a Lizard
               The Musicians
               David with the Head of Goliath
               Boy with a Basket of Fruit
               John the Baptist at the Well
               The Lute Player
               Sacrafice of Isaac
          Caravaggio [2]
               Cupid Victorious
               Boy Peeling Fruit
               Calling of St. Matthew
               John the Baptist
               St. Francis in Ecstasy
               St. John the Baptist
               David with the Head of Goliath
               John in the Wilderness
               John in the Wilderness

     Iranian Hall
          Contemplating the Beardless, the Opus of Riza I-Abbasi
               Two Lovers
               Garden of Earthly Delights
               Sheik Propositioning Youth
               Youth and Elder Conversing
               Saki Serving Guest
               Portrait of a Youth
          A Jug of Wine, A Loaf of Bread, and Thou...
               Old Man Soliciting a Youth
               Youths Embracing
               Wine Pourer
               Young Man with a Book
               A Saki in a Garden
               The Hawking Party
               Men and Youths by a Stream
               Love Poem to a Boy
               Sheikh Ogling a Youth
               Two Homosexuals

     Turkish Hall
          Hubanname - The Book of Beauties
               Client at Inn
               Syrian Youth
          Dancing Köçeks
               Köçek with Tambourine
               Köçeks at the Fair
          Erotic Delights
               Spillin the Wine

     Indian Hall
          Temple Sculptures
               Monk Caressing a Layman
          Mughal Romance
               The Prince is Waiting
               Sensual Pleasures
               Indian Trio

     Chinese Hall
          Love Among Peers
          Scholars at Play
          Beijing Hand Scroll
          Joys of the Cut Sleeve and the Bitten Peach
          Sex Between Young Men
          Young Actors in Bed
          Brothel Scene
          Backstage Pleasures
          Joys of the Cut Sleeve and the Bitten Peach

     Japanese Hall
          Social Scenes
               Young Assistant
               Shonen Sugata
               Flowered Robe
               The Companions
               Wakashu and Lover Holding Hands
               Shudo, panel A
               Shudo, panel B
               The Go Game
               Katanas Ready
               Man and Boy Kiss and Bugger
               Actor in Bed
               Forgive Me
               The God of Thunder
          Ménage à trois
               Calligraphy Lesson
               The Three Friends
               Ménage à trois
          Ishikawa Toyonobu
                    panel 2
                    panel 3
                    panel 4
                    panel 5
                    panel 6
                    panel 7
                    panel 8
                    panel 9
                    panel 10
          Miyagawa Isshô
                    panel 1
                    panel 2
                    panel 3
                    panel 4
                    panel 5
                    panel 6
                    panel 7
                    panel 8
                    panel 9

     New World Hall
          Balboa setting his dogs upon
              Indian practitioners of male love

          Dance to the Berdache
          Mayan Pederastic Couple

     Contemporary Gay Art
          Rick Herold [1]
               Foot Fetish
               Sunbathing Male Nudes
               Youth Drying with Towel
               Stamped X by Organized Religion
               Reclining Blowjob
               Sailor with Erection
               Young Flandrin
               Stamped X
               St. Sebastian
               Portrait of Gino with Erection
               Zeus and Ganymede
               Tattooed Man with Stars
          Rick Herold [2]
               Purple Cock
               Modernist Male Nudes
               Radiating Tattooed Man
               Death of St. Sebastian
               Menage a trois
               Blue Balls
               Nude with Erection
               Smiling Youth
               Two Male Nudes on a Boat
               Nude Male with a Towel
               Sleeping Male Nude with Erecton
               The Conversion of St. Paul

     This Bud's for Zeus



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